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Perio - Ortho Clinic
Perio - Ortho Clinic
Perio - Ortho Clinic
Perio - Ortho Clinic
Perio - Ortho Clinic
Perio - Ortho Clinic

Diagnosis, prevention & treatment of periodontal diseases and conditions affecting the supporting structures of teeth (gum, bone).


Diagnosis, prevention & correction of malpositioned teeth and disproportionate jaw relationships.


Surgical placement of implants to restore missing teeth, with the periodontist working closely with the restorative dentist or prosthodontist.

Welcome to our site

Our clinic specializes in Periodontology, the surgical aspect of Implantology and Orthodontics.

The oral and maxilofacial area is one of the most important areas of the human body from a functional and esthetic perpsective. It is also one of the most complex from an anatomical, physiological and pathological point of view. A variety of local and systemic diseases and pathological conditions can affect the teeth, the mouth, the jaws and the surrounding tissues. The extend of these conditions, the kind of clinical symptoms and findings, the severity of these symptoms, and the way they affect a person's health differ significantly, but the necessity for a correct diagnosis and successful treatment always remains the same.


Our clinic's specialists with their lifelong academic and professional careers in Greece, the USA and Israel, and their deep knowledge in their field of expertise, can help you with your periodontal and orthodontic problems.


The purpose of the website is to inform you about the range of periodontal and orthodontic services our clinic provides, and to give you the ability to form a first impression about our specialists and the quality of treatment you can receive in our clinic. 

Our doctors and staff are always available to assist you!









οδοντικα εμφυτευματα

“Andreas is one of the most talented doctors in his field. He is a unique human being, he is like no other, an unparalleled character. He has everything a patient looks for in his/her doctor. I personally thank him from the bottom of my heart for EVERYTHING.” 



Kyriaki Zachariadou

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