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Implant Treatments


Digital Radiographic Imaging / CBCT / 3D: CT Scans and Cone Beam Imaging systems generate 3D, high definition x-rays of the teeth and the oral-maxilofacial structures in extreme detail and accuracy within seconds, for an optimal restoratively driven implant position. Whenever is nessecary, CBCT can be used in combination with other diagnostic tools to construct a surgical guide prior to implant placement.


Dental Implants: surgical placement of implants for the purpose of restoring partial of fully edentulous patients in cordination with the dentist or prosthodontist restoring the case.

Immediate Implants: surgical placement of implants at the time of tooth extraction when indicated.


Allon4: surgical placement of four implants to restore a fully edentulous jaw, and to avoid extensive bone grafting for ridge and sinus augmentation. Allon4 protocol can be utilized only when is indicated and always in coordination with the dentist or prosthodontist who is restoring the case.

Sinus Lift / Augmentation: surgical procedure to incease the bone in the posterior maxilla for future implant placement or for implant placement at the time of sinus augmentation.

Guided Bone Regeneration: surgical procedure to regenerate missing alveolar bone and augment bone for future implant placement, or for implant placement at the time of bone grafting.

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